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Code::Blocks may be downloaded from

Navigate in your browser to the Downloads link, which will take you
to a page where it gives you a number of alternatives, depending on your
platform, etc.

If you’re installing Code::Blocks on a Windows system, I
recommend that you download the version that includes the MINGW compiler. 
That way, you can avoid the hassles involved in choosing your compiler.

you’ve downloaded the appropriate file, you run it, and it will start a setup
wizard.  Just follow the instructions for a relatively painless

The first time that Code::Blocks is invoked, it will bring up a
dialog listing the compilers that it supports.  There should be an entry
for GCC;  select that, make it the default, and specify that as the
compiler choice.  You should then see the Code::Blocks IDE main window.


This page was last changed on 16 Jan 2006