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Once you've learned Java, the language, you've merely started on a voyage of discovery! Not only do you need to learn the contents of the basic class library (for example, String, StringBuffer, Enumeration, Stack, Math, the AWT classes. etc.), but you also should make yourself aware of all the functionality that exists in the Java class library -- not to mention keeping abreast of all the new things being added with each version!

This is a course that I hope will introduce you to some of these more advanced and newer pieces of functionality, and enable you to know how to keep learning as this language moves on. We start with some needed background (Exceptions, I/O, Threads) and continue on from there.

You can see above the topics we plan to cover.

As the ancient Chinese philosopher said: 

"The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."

so let's get started! (I hope it won't feel like 1000 miles!)


The page was last updated February 19, 2008