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The slides for this course are available in two formats:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint format (.ppt)
  • PowerPoint slides, 4 to a page, in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)

In order to use the Microsoft PowerPoint format, you must have installed either Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 (or later), or the Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Viewer, which is available for free download from the Microsoft web site (

To use the Adobe Acrobat format, you must have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader (v5 or later), which is available for free download from the Adobe web site (

In the following table, click on the appropriate link in the Format column to select your preferred format.  If the appropriate software is installed, you should see the result (after a suitable delay for downloading the file) in the browser window.  Should you wish to download the file and save it on your computer, you can (in Microsoft Internet Explorer) right click the appropriate link and choose "Save Target As..." in the resulting popup menu.

Topic Format
PowerPoint slides 4-up slides
Security Concepts .ppt .pdf
History of Cryptography .ppt .pdf
Sets, Permutations, Combinations, and Probability .ppt .pdf
Cryptology: Classical Cryptography .ppt .pdf
Number Theory .ppt .pdf
Modular Arithmetic .ppt .pdf
Symmetric Block Ciphers .ppt .pdf
Public Key Cryptosystems .ppt .pdf
Message Authentication, Hashes & Message Digests .ppt .pdf
Authentication .ppt .pdf
Standards & Products .ppt .pdf
Networks: Hardware, Protocols, Wireless Networks .ppt .pdf
Firewalls .ppt .pdf
Web Security & Privacy for Users .ppt .pdf
Malware: Malicious Software .ppt .pdf
Lessons Learned .ppt .pdf
Tools .ppt .pdf
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