Browser JDK

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This page contains a Java applet that shows you what JDK version your browser supports.

Note: This page contains a small amount of JavaScript to detect whether Java is enabled  This may cause the browser to warn you about dynamic content.  Unless you allow the browser to use this JavaScript code, you won't know whether Java is enabled or disabled.  You should see the text:
Java is Enabled
Java is Disabled
immediately below this note. If you do not, then the JavaScript has not been executed.
Your browser doesn't support Java, or you don't have Java support turned on!

Here's the source for this applet.

Note: If you do not see an applet above, or if it displays a Java version number that does not start with 1.4 (or higher), then you need to bring your browser up to date with Java support.  

I recommend that you install the Java Plug-in, or later.  Here's a good place to start looking for it.

Also, if you've installed Windows XP SP2, which upgrades Internet Explorer so that it blocks pop-ups and other dynamic content, you may find that you'll have to fight IE to get the Java plug-in to work for a particular web page such as this one.

This page was last changed on February 17, 2008